2016 Galileo Press Staff

Galileo Press, the Online Pendulum is a vehicle for instructions as well as a forum for youth viewpoints on topical issues. The ideas and opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the view of; the Associated Student Council, faculty, or staff of Galileo Academy of Science & Technology, nor the San Francisco Unified School District. Galileo Press, the Online Pendulum  does not and will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, handicap or status.

2015-2016 Galileo Press Staff


Alison Yip {editor in chief}

Jessie Jiang {assistant editor}

Johnny Ha {copy editor}


Andy Cen

Ahmed Elmahy

Elvis Lau

Ashley Moh

Sonia Nguyen

Courtney Pon

Gordon Zhu


Jerick Anonuevo

Elvis Lau


Jonathan Ochoa {art director}

Randy Kuang

Hui Situ

Muhammad Saleh


Raymond Cheung {photo director}

Johnny Hao Chenh

Michael Liang


Jeremy Lee {journalism advisor}

Mark Huynh {web advisor}

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