New Decade, Old Trend

By Andy Cen and Johnny Ha


As the summer starts to fade away, many students are bringing back the trend of Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks first became fashionable in the United States during the 1990s, popular among men and young children, and is currently popular among young adults. These environmentally friendly sandals are made of 100% recycled cork, which explains how trendy and comfortable they are. When asked about the advantages of Birkenstocks, Seniors Karen Wong and Serena Chen said, “They are very comfortable, cute, easy to match, and easy to put on.”

However, they also shared a few downsides about these shoes, including its high price ($50+), the fact that pebbles and dirt can get stuck in the sandals, and that they can create tan-lines on their feet.

Despite the drawbacks of the sandals, many students still like them. Senior Serena Chen also said, “Whenever I wear these sandals, it’s a piece of memory to me because I grew up in China where we only wore sandals.”

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