Soccer Season Outlook from Players’ Perspectives

By Ahmed Elmahy with Rory Jones

boys soccer players

Daniel Ortega, senior defender – “I think that we are going to do better this year, although defense will have to step up their game defensively due to the more experienced senior players graduating last year. However, most players believe that we are still capable of beating Lowell.”

Francisco Vega, junior midfielder – “I am confident that we can beat Lowell this year and that we will be taking first place in the rankings. While our defense needs to improve, we are good enough and with our best player returning, we may have the perfect team.”

Jose Gomez, senior keeper – “Lincoln, Lowell, and Mission High will be challenging to defeat but we can still beat them since we have a great starting lineup. Even our ‘cool’ second lineup should be able to do well against them.”

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