Small Mice Big Problem

By AlisonA and LaurenW

rat drawing

Mice are a big problem at schools, especially old schools like Galileo. They hide in pipes, nooks and crannies of the room and at rare moments…they are seen scurrying across the room.

Imagine what it is like for teachers working late, and they see mice scurrying across the classroom. Frightening right? Psychology teacher, Mrs. Vicky Ung remembers when she was still teaching in room 461. She was staying late to finish her work and saw something dark moving. She witnessed a small mouse running near her feet and along the pipes. Like many other teachers, she is no stranger to mouse droppings in her classroom.

Mice are something to be concerned about because they transmit diseases. It’s disgusting, they carry many germs and viruses. They come out at night when everyone leaves and come out after the custodians have finished cleaning the school. How clean is that desk you put your head on?

We all enjoy being able to eat in class because sometimes we are late and didn’t eat breakfast or we had to make up work or tests and couldn’t eat during lunch. However, we want a clean environment to eat and snack on food, right? I sure do.

What should we do to contain these furry creatures? We should make sure there is no food scraps after we are done with our meal. Pick up after ourselves; that alone can help a lot. Ms. Ung would like to remind students, ““Keep the room clean or else [you’ll] invite a friend back home with [you] in [your] backpack.”

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