The Long Road of Fundraising-an editors’ note

By Ashley Moh and Gordon Zhu

Fundraising Photo“We already have to focus so much energy on homework and extracurriculars and having to raise this extreme amount of money just adds so much more burden and stress.” – Kristy Wong

The pressure is on.

For years, students have been given the task of raising money to fund their own Prom, Graduation, Senior Breakfast, and Grad Nite (without any help from the school). These major events all add up to an astronomical amount of $80,000. Since all these big events require a lot of money, all students need to help pitch in.

Over the years, we’ve managed to make around $66,000, and now just leaves us with $14,000 left to raise within 9 months. Past years, we could’ve made around $2,000 every weekend, but because of the drought, we weren’t allowed run anymore car wash fundraisers. Also due to issues regarding healthy food, students were not able to sell snacks and treats like chocolate, candies, and fruit snacks. With restrictions for (unhealthy) snack selling during school, we’re forced to sell on weekends, outside of school on the streets of SF. About 20+ students came together in Chinatown to sell Krispy Kreme Donuts in support of the Senior Class during the month of August before school.

But even then, we have difficulty finding time to host these events, due to the amount of homework students receive, and the interference with their time schedule.

These restrictions can be alleviated with other ways to raise money. Volunteering at events like marathons (Nike Women’s, SF Marathon, etc.) every few weekends give around $10-30 per person and all that money goes straight into the class bank account. Not only are you helping raise money for your class, but you also get free stuff! Fundraising activities done throughout the school year, like selling ASB stickers, which help to discount dance tickets, spirit items, snacks and drinks in the ASB store and yearbooks, help reign in some profit. An important reminder is that if you buy an ASB sticker, the amount of money accumulated from senior class ASB stickers can be used to help pay for smaller events like a Grad Nite.

The money generated from these events are immediately put into a special bank account and used to try and make cheaper prom tickets, bring free photo booths at dances, or have enough for a Grad Nite at Disneyland for 3 days! But due to the low amount of students not volunteering and despite the various amount of events constantly being posted up on the Galileo 2016 page asking for help, we weren’t so sure about making those things happen.

Next time, when your class Pep Club is asking you if you could volunteer at an event, remember that this is for YOUR Prom, YOUR Graduation, and YOUR Senior Year!

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