Galileo Welcomes South Korean Educators

By Johnny Ha and Jessie Jiang


Galileo’s Chinese Immersion Program, as well as the many pathways and academies the school offers attracts much attention from foreign educators. The Korean Delegation, curious about the workings of a American school system visited Galileo on September 9th to witness the different cultures of American students and the Chinese Immersion Program here at our school.

The group of educators were greeted at the front gate by Galileo students, then taken to the library for a quick powerpoint, and shown the different pathways and academies offered at our school. When asked what the tour was about, Senior, Christine Fang said, “This tour is to show a board of educators from Korea about how the American schooling system runs. The visitors are particularly interested in our Chinese Immersion Program and our pathways. In general, they want to see a mix of culture.”

Qi Min Zhang, the director of the program said that “the Korean Delegation decided to visit Galileo because Galileo is one of the few public high schools that have [a] Chinese Immersion Program and [they] wanted to see how the program works here and [are] “inspired” to open a program like this back in South Korea.” Welcoming the Korean educators, on September 9th, the Korean club organized a mini tour of Galileo for a Korean delegation.

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