New Galileo Principal, New Opportunity

by Jessie Jiang and Johnny Ha


Although Dr. Reimer considers himself “lucky” throughout his 22 year educational career, he has made the most out of the opportunities he’s been given. After teaching in three different countries (Japan, Canada, USA), he became an administrator, working as an assistant principal and then becoming a principal, while also completing his Master’s and PhD.

Previously, the Assistant Principal at Wallenberg High School and Principal at Roosevelt Middle School, he is excited to be the new Principal of Galileo. With every opportunity he’s been given, Principal Reimer works with the motto, “No matter what level you work at, [the importance] is listening to people and bringing people together around great ideas,”

Dr. Reimer has set a number of goals for Galileo this year, including strengthening academics, improving technology, and encouraging students to participate in extra curricular activities.

“I’m proud to be the principal of Galileo because I love the pace, the challenge, and working with teams of people on complex problems and helping each other become successful,” said Dr. Reimer.

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