G-House TV, Reaching the Galileo Community Through the Air

IMG_6558By Ahmed Elmahy and Elvis Lau

G-HOUSE TV: the medium where all of Galileo’s latest news is broadcasted to the public. This is the place where the whole community of Galileo, from students to parents to teachers, can learn about the school. Since G-House TV is now pre-recorded and posted online, it is also accessible by eighth graders and their families when choosing high schools, as Media Art teacher, Mr. Machtay, asserts.

G-House TV can be accessed at Galileo’s main website: https://galileoweb.org/.
It is recorded weekly, and shown at school during homerooms on Wednesday and Thursday.

Beginning this year, G-House TV is now pre-recorded rather than broadcasted live. The Media Arts class works vigorously to push out new videos every week to promote Galileo’s activities, including College Fairs and the annual Song and Yell. Mr. Machtay believes that their process of videotaping is still inefficient, and one of his goals for this year is to increase the speed and proficiency in videotaping. In addition, he hopes to expand the audience of G-House TV so that the past, present, and future communities of Galileo are aware of the many events at this school.

Around ten years ago, G-House TV was born when former principal Ms. Chiu visited Galileo’s sister school in Shanghai and was fascinated by its own broadcasting studio. Upon returning, she was eager to set up a similar studio here and consulted Mr. Machtay about introducing this feature.

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