Lion’s Whisper: Iphone 6s

By Raymond Cheung and Michael Liang

The iPhone 6s was available to pre-order September 12 with the price starting at $649. Differences from the previous iPhones and the iPhone 6s includes upgrades such as 3D touch that senses how much pressure you apply to the screen, a new available color (rose gold), a 12-megapixel camera, plus the A9 processor with computer like performance, which is 70% faster. The following are thoughts and comments from teachers and students in Galileo about the iPhone 6s.


Rob Schnitzer

5 years ago, Mr. Schnitzer owned the Samsung Rogue, but it started going bad after nine months. Even Samsung didn’t support it anymore so he decided to go with an Apple product. Referring to the new Iphone 6s, he says, “My two year old iPhone 5s needs to be replaced, it isn’t doing too well. I also like the camera improvements [on the Iphone 6s].”

-Mr. Schnitzer, Photography Teacher



“My iPhone 4 needs an upgrade, and I know that the iPhone 6s has a faster CPU. I think the iPhone is better than any other phone!”

-Khanh H, Freshman



winnie_zhang“I really like the rose gold color on the iPhone 6s because it is unique and pretty. I heard that there is going to be a front selfie flash with better quality which is really nice because I take a lot of selfies. I want to get in the hype with the new Apple pencil feature [too].”

-Winnie Z, Junior

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