Lion’s Whisper: Are YOU Ready for Song and Yell?

by Johnny Ha and Jessie Jiang

Song and Yell is just around the corner and the Galileo Press wants to know what Galileo is expecting from the 71st Annual Song and Yell Contest on October 2nd!


IMG_2686 “I’m very excited for Song & Yell because it’s the only time where you can see all students and staff at once and be able to witness the competitions between the different classes.”

-Margaret K.  Lee, AP Chinese Teach & Freshmen Pep Club Advisor



IMG_2678“As a participant of Song & Yell, it’s thrilling to create a choreography with your fellow classmates to perform because we dance, sweat, and cry together, sharing our pride and class spirit with the whole school during Song & Yell.”

-Richard K, Senior



yuyangzhong.JPG “Song and Yell is a tradition that’s been happening at Galileo for the past 70 years. This year, 71st year, tradition continues as we celebrate us as the greatest high school in San Francisco and recognize us as Galileo Lions! Most people will think Song and Yell as the performing of the skits, but most importantly I will say are the Songs and the Yells, and that’s that this contest is for. We sing the Fight Song and yell out the whispers. That’s what it is about Song and Yell and the true Galileo spirit. I’m excited that this tradition is passed along and I would be happy to see the show be put on next Friday.”

-Yuyang Z, Junior & ASB Business Vice President

IMG_2674 “I honestly don’t know what to expect, but I hear a lot of people talking about it, such as my cheerleading friends and brother! I’m most excited about school spirit and performances that I’ll be able to witness, but other than that, I’m clueless and just awaiting [for] the day [to arrive]!”

-Celine R, Freshman




“It’s fun to see teachers and students outside the classroom, showing [school] spirit, having fun. It’s a great way to bring [the] school closer and show how we’re better than most of the world.”

-Brian O’Connor, History Teacher



IMG_2685 “Song and Yell is a time to have fun and to be yourself. I’m pretty excited for Song and Yell [and] I [have] a feeling [that] people are going to enjoy it this year.”

-Anthony Y, Sophomore




“Since it’ll be my last Song & Yell, I hope to make it as memorable as possible, so I’ll be able to look back at these memorable moments that I’ve made at Galileo.”

-Lisa Y, Senior


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