Feature Athletes: Courtney Pon & Brittney Lau, Varsity Volleyball Captains

By Calvin Huang


Being a seventh year volleyball player, Courtney Pon is one of the captains on Galileo’s varsity volleyball team. She says “Being a captain doesn’t feel any different from being a regular player because we’re all equals on the team. Everybody has a specific role that helps the team.” Courtney thinks her team has a lot of potential because we’re so young and there’s a lot of room to improve. “We’re looking good for playoffs,” says Courtney.


Starting freshman on the varsity volleyball team? Nope, that was last year. Brittney Lau is now one of the captains on the volleyball team as a sophomore. She says that “Being a captain feels good and all, but the teamwork we have on the team is what I care about.” Brittney has been playing volleyball for seven years and doesn’t seem like she’ll be stopping any time soon. Brittney thinks “We’ll do pretty well considering we have good defense and really good chemistry.”

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