Teacher Mama & Her Baby Cub

Mother and Teacher’s Duties Intertwined

by Johnny Ha and Jessie Jiang

Being a part-time teacher and a full-time mommy, Ms. Kathy Liang of the Galileo math department has found it difficult to balance her responsibilities as a teacher and mommy.

In order to balance both jobs, Ms. Liang says, “I wake at two in the morning to grade my students’ work after taking care of my baby the night before.” In addition, she has to manage her time efficiently due to commuting and emergencies problems.

Even though managing two jobs at once is tough for Ms. Liang, as time has progressed she’s began to adapt working both jobs, and managing her time efficiently in order to “kill two birds with one stone.”

Although it’s difficult for Ms. Liang to balance the responsibilities of both jobs, she was able to use her experience as a mother to help her students meet their needs. “After being a mom, I’m able to understand the students more and their behavioral problems. Before I would just teach and it’s up to the student if they understand or not. Now, I’m more considerate and motherly because I think of each student as my baby, where I can find ways to teach my baby and make him learn something,” said Ms. Liang.

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