Dress Code Suffocates in Heat Wave

By AlisonA

Just a couple weeks ago, San Francisco, the usually foggy city experienced a long heat wave. With weather ranging from the mid-seventies to the high eighties, students began to dress lighter which highlighted the issue of the dress code. We just want to be comfortable while we are in school with this kind of weather, is that too much to ask?

David Ye, senior, says, “I think that the dress code sounds like a good idea so that people aren’t half naked during school. But some of the points are unnecessary.”

Galileo’s Dress Code is in accordance to the SFUSD handbook, however, vague wording from the School District leaves enforcement open to interpretation. With its vague wording, trouble brew as there are multiple versions of what can be worn or not worn to school. Enforcement varies, at times administrators are more strict and other times are more lax as a fellow senior lioness points out, “I think [the dress code’s] too strict but I don’t think it’s followed through, at least in my opinion, I’ve worn shirts with curse words on them and I haven’t gotten in trouble”.

Girls wear most of these items like crop tops or booty-shorts, the code objectifies and belittles the female population Schools are to teach students how to be creative thinking individuals not for them to belittled by these suggestions.

GDT Co-Captain, Christine Fang sums this nicely, “This is probably geared towards girls who dress like h***. Besides the point of school is to emphasize EDUCATION if they can’t concentrate and learn then it’s their own fault”

Senior Class President, Cyrus Quan says, “If I was to change it, I would remove all of this idiocy. People should not be punished for how they chose to dress. Instead I think there should be positive motivation for positive dressing.”

There should be a change in this system; there should be more student involvement in this process. As we are the ones whom have to subject to the rules, our inputs are very much necessary. This system is old, even though it was revised last year by the SFUSD; they still miss the bar when it comes to fashion and trends of current times. We have an ASB; we have representatives, let them help the process of figuring out the kinks of the dress code. This inexplicit system creates a double standard that must be spoken about. One idea is for extreme weather like the heat wave we just experienced, perhaps there should be a sliding scale depending on the weather. Students know the trends; we set the trends. Give us the power to specify the code; do not make us feel little by making assumptions about us. Let us partake in what affects us.

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