Senior Victory at 71st Annual Homecoming Song & Yell

by Johnny Ha and Jessie Jiang


Due to hard work and determination, the seniors came out victorious in this year’s 71st Song and Yell Contest on October 2nd at the George White Field. For many months, the class of 2016 prepared for their last Song and Yell, hoping to make their last performance the best out of their four years at Galileo. Senior dancers and officers spent hours after school choreographing dances and painting posters for Song and Yell to show their school spirit.

Proud of their win, Senior Jacky Pan said, “The win was well earned [since] we practiced 3 hours everyday after school. Just seeing the crowd cheer and having all the seniors join in on our last song was a memory that I’ll never forget.” Senior Eric Ta added, “The seniors worked really hard on it. [The breakdancers] came up with most of the [breakdancing] ideas and we practiced and pieced the choreography together after school instead of our normal practices.”

Amazed by the senior’s triumph over their win and the amount of school spirit shown, new principal Dr. Reimer is proud to be part of Galileo tradition. Dr. Reimer said, “It’s pretty impressive how [the tradition] has been going on for 71 years. It didn’t surprise me that the seniors won, but I liked all the skits. I thought the senior class particularly looked great. The freshmen class had a pretty good day today, showed some good spirit for their first one.”

This year’s theme was the Battle of the Artist where each class danced to a singer. Seniors danced to Chris Brown, Juniors danced to Taylor Swift, Sophomores danced Beyoncé, and Freshmen danced to Bruno Mars.

This year’s Song and Yell received great compliments and reviews. ASB advisor, Mr. Eugene Wing said, “The main difference between this year’s Song and Yell and from the previous years were that there were many more participants, props, and posters in the skits.” Senior class sponsor and Orchestra teacher, Mr. Taylor said, “It was the best Song and Yell I’ve ever been a part of in my twenty-one years here in Galileo. Last year I was able to get some new speakers and cables for the field, which enhanced the audio and volume towards the audience. The main purpose of Song and Yell is to pass the tradition from seniors to the underclassmen so they can be where the seniors are at today.”

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