The Return of Homeroom Presidents

by Andy Cen

homeroom president

To draw more attention to fundraising opportunities, ASB advisor Mr. Eugene Wing has brought back Homeroom Presidents. With the decrease in student participation in volunteering and the increase of venue prices for events such as graduation and prom, homeroom presidents will help spread the word about activities that will help raise money for their class.

Mr. Wing believes bringing back homeroom presidents will help homerooms be more organized and have everyone updated with announcements. Specifically, parents will know more information about fundraising and how they can get involved.

ASB social vice president Ashley Moh said, “Homeroom presidents help the student body connect more to the student government.”

The responsibilities of homeroom presidents are being substitutes for student officers if they are unavailable, and attend executive council meetings. During executive council meetings, homeroom presidents, student officers, class officers, club presidents, and sometimes class sponsors are supposed to meet up in Ms. Liang’s room, 153, and discuss upcoming events and activities and along with their needs for these events and activities. However, homeroom presidents have yet to attend executive council meetings.

The benefits of becoming a homeroom presidents are getting discounts at dances, building school spirit and more benefits to come as the school year progresses; however, some homerooms have still not elected their presidents.

Homeroom presidents were at Galileo 20 years ago but were canceled when Mr. Wing, became the sole ASB advisor after his former coworker left and there were too many of them to supervise.

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