To Keep or not to Keep: Song & Yell

To Keep or Cancel?
by Ashley Moh

Song and yellcrowd

Although many staff and students thought that this year’s 71st Annual Song and Yell Contest was one of the best it’s ever been in recent years, prior to it, many people didn’t seem to care or wondered if it was even worth keeping.

One of the reasons why Song & Yell rehearsals are always hard to execute is because since everyone’s busy with their own things like clubs, retakes, and other responsibilities in and out of school. There are complaints of not knowing the songs used for the dances, poor (rushed) production, too much commitment, and the list goes on.

Teachers and students are also “conveniently absent” on the actual day of Song and Yell as well because they don’t think it’s worth their time. Many people think that academics are way more important, which is true but balancing your time with something fun and interesting like a rally could really be beneficial.

“If teachers skip that day, then what’s the point of me going to class that day? The only people who should be in Song and Yell are freshmen and seniors. There’s no point for sophomores and juniors to be in there and they don’t care either. The whole event is 95% for seniors anyway and I hate sitting outside on the bleachers because it’s always hot that day too,” says a fellow lion.

Despite the obvious negativity some feel towards Song and Yell, when asked about whether Song and Yell was worth keeping, some students were all for keeping it and were appalled at the idea of cancelling it. They know that even though it can be a major drag with long rehearsals that get off topic and also with very little people actually participating, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Even though I don’t wanna go [to Song and Yell], when I’m there, I feel like I’m experiencing Galileo. The [school] spirit makes me more happy about being at Gal,” says a Junior student. Junior Winnie Zhang added, “It’s so open to everybody that people end up not taking the opportunity to do it… Song and Yell is the only day in the entire school year we get to show off our school spirit.”

In addition to the many positive opinions about Song and Yell (in general), I was really surprised at how many students were cheering and participating this year. Since my freshman year, normally 20-30 people do their class skits but this year it went up to 30-40 people. The skits were all really interesting and the dances super intricate. Even the freshmen were cheering really loud (even though they probably had no idea what was going on).

If we could ever improve Song & Yell, it would be to extend the rally and make it more inclusive for everyone. During the transitions where Seniors and the other classes are getting ready to perform, we could do mini cheers to excite and capture the audience.

Also, maybe after the whole performance, we could set up booths all around the football field like a mini fair so everyone can move out of their seats and really keep up the spirited atmosphere. Song and Yell has been here for many years and hopefully for many more. Instead of dreading it, students and staff should try to take the time to appreciate the rally as a reflection of Galileo’s spirit and care for the entire school.

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