7th Annual SFUSD College Fair at Saint Mary’s Cathedral

by Jessie Jiang and Johnny Ha


Students visiting college booths.

The San Francisco Unified School District welcomed seniors from high schools all over San Francisco to their 7th annual college fair at Saint Mary’s Cathedral on October 9th. This event happens once every school year where education representatives from different CSU’s, UC’s, Community Colleges, and Private Universities are present to talk to seniors and help them gather information about different colleges.

Academic counselor, Ms. Cecilia Chan said, “The purpose [of the school district college fair] is to expose the seniors to a lot of chances to get information about different colleges. Seniors have the chance to talk to different college representatives, so they will have an idea of which college they want to attend.”

Seniors were bussed to the event from their schools; however, the SFUSD miscalculated and did not send enough school buses to Galileo to deliver the seniors to the event. As a result, half the seniors had to stay in the auditorium for over half an hour to wait for the school to call another school bus to come. “I was pretty frustrated because I waited for one whole hour in the auditorium and the fair ended by the time I got there,” said Senior Tina Xie.

At the fair, different colleges and universities handed out their catalog of majors to show the seniors what each of them offer as well as informational booklets to show their housing information and campus life. Seniors also had the opportunity to write down contact information for certain colleges to receive further information from that particular college of their interest.

Seniors were impressed with the amount of colleges at the fair. Senior Max Lam said, “The fair was great. It gave me an insight of where I will be heading towards in 10 months.” Senior Jefflyn Liu added, “The college fair was very informational. It was interesting to see people from different schools reunite and cool to discover that many people have the same last name as me.”

The fair was also a reunion for many of the seniors because they got to see elementary and middle school friends again. “I was so happy to see my old friends because we don’t see each other as much since high school began. It felt like a reunion which is funny because we were also learning about colleges for our future,” said Senior Karen Wong.

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