Lion’s Whisper: What are Galileo’s thoughts about the Hoverboard?

by Jessie Jiang and Johnny Ha

Hoverboards are starting to take over the Internet! Starting with promotions on Vine to sharing videos on Facebook, Hoverboards have become increasingly popular after videos went viral. Although it is increasingly popular on the Internet, do Galileo students feel the same way?



“The Hoverboard doesn’t require people to walk, which increases obesity. I don’t think it’s enough exercise for us, so it’s not really worth my money.”

– Ronald L, Junior





“I thought it was really dumb in the beginning but after I had a chance on it, I got the hang of it. It’s like a segway but with no bar handles or anything, it’s cool.”

– Eugenia T, Senior





“I think the Hoverboard is useful and cool because we don’t need to walk. The Hoverboard doesn’t have much value to me because it’s a burden for me to carry it around even though it’s suppose to be portable since it’s so heavy.”

– Steven L, Sophomore




“I bought the Hoverboard for about $350 after I saw videos of people on it. I mainly use it at home for fun but after awhile, the floorboards and walls were starting to get ruined. It wasn’t really worth my money since I barely use it anymore.”

– Creon L, Senior




“I thought that it was pretty cool seeing people ride around with it, it seemed like they were floating and how they don’t have to walk around anymore and could just cruise in style. I don’t think it’s worth it because we would get attached to it and get lazy.”

– Dana L, Freshman

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