Galileo College Fair, Unique and Intimate

by Andy Cen

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Galileo held their second annual College Fair on October 1st in the courtyard during lunchtime with a variety of colleges from all over the country. Galileo holds a college fair because it is more intimate than the SFUSD college fair that seniors from all over San Francisco attend because there is more one on one face time and also includes all grades at Galileo.

College counselor Ms. Serena Chan wants to use Galileo’s college fair to inspire underclassmen to really start thinking about college. Ms. Chan said, “The purpose of this college fair is to encourage students to start thinking about college for underclassmen.”

Ms. Chan invited many colleges during May but not all of them accepted her invitation. During the summer, she found out that many of the UC’s, CSU’s, and private colleges could not attend, so she invited more, City Colleges, and Universities from Massachusetts and Santa Fe in order to have the twelve schools on campus.

These colleges include: University of San Francisco, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, City College of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, University of Massachusetts Lowell, San Francisco Art Institute, California College of the Arts, Mills College, the Marines, the Army, and United World Colleges.

Many students and staff felt the fair was a huge success. College counselor Vicki Kong, who didn’t have any college fairs when she was a student at Galileo, said, “The turnout is great! The second annual fair is neat and I like it alot and I hope we can make it a culture for Galileo!”. “The college fair had very interesting colleges and the speakers were very friendly”, said Seniors Karen Wong and Priyanki Vora.

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