CEO to Teacher

By Gordon Zhu

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Once the CEO of a self-run, online company, called Click Collect – which collapsed just a year and a half later – math teacher Mr. Page decided he needed a change in career paths.

“I was tired, and being a CEO was stressful. Everything happened all at once and I just said I was done. I wanted to do something else,” said Mr. Page.

Stress from managing the company, such as hiring workers, giving workers benefits, financing, marketing, and raising $750,000 individually, Mr. Page switched from CEO to a math teacher. Why teaching? Because Mr. Page had previously coached his son’s baseball team, and liked being around kids, he had the experience and will to be a teacher. Therefore, he decided that working with them in a classroom environment would be the best choice.

“Teaching is way more rewarding than being a CEO because you get to affect people’s lives instead of selling widgets, or increasing sales, or anything in that position,” said Mr. Page.

Mr. Page had been teaching at Galileo for the last 13 years, and plans another 10 years before he retires.

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