2015 Varsity Girls Tennis Team

by Samson Guan


This year, Coach Harper has led the varsity Girls Tennis team, a group of girls who are eager to improve their skill performance and have fun during matches. “Practices are intense, but in the end, it pays off as the girls are able to hustle on the courts better and ace their serves,” said Coach Harper. The girls are still making their best effort for this season, and they look forward to the All City Tournament.

Team record: 1-5

Grade Name School Rank
12 Damika Chieng 1 Singles
12 Joanne Louie 2 Singles
12 Shu Kong 3 Singles
10 Rina Nguyen 4 Singles/Doubles
11 Khanh Tran 5 Singles/Doubles
11 Kaizena Ma 6 Doubles
12 Caitlin Jang 7 Doubles
10 Elva Xian 8 Doubles
12 Jillian Lee 9 Doubles
11 Linda Xieu 10 Doubles
10 Tammy Huang 12 Doubles
10 Mable Kwong 13 Doubles
9 Amy Huang 16 Doubles
12 Emilia Batarse 17 Doubles
12 Claudia Bolanos 18 Doubles

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