Galileo’s First AP 2D Studio Art Class

by Elvis Lau


For the 2015-2016 school year, a new AP 2D Studio Art class taught by Mr. Huynh has been introduced to students who have already taken the regular Art class and want to further their artistic education.  Although Mr. Huynh has suggested the class for quite some time now,  last year’s principal, Mr. Blacksher, finally enabled him to offer this class.

A continuation of the existing regular Art class, AP 2D Studio Art serves as a medium for individuals with strong artistic passion to express themselves.  As Mr. Huynh (also referred to as Coach Mark) says, “(the class) allows advanced art students to pursue a higher level of art”.  The course lets students experiment with various art techniques on diverse canvases to create unique works of art.  Some assignments require the drybrush technique on plain white paper, while other assignments call for the formation of texture by juxtaposing pieces of cardboard on the canvas.  As students try different approaches to more efficiently and effectively communicate their artistic visions, they can become better storytellers.

AP 2D Studio Art calls for each student to develop 12 pieces of artwork per semester.  For the fall semester, students study an assortment of art forms and styles in order to foster their own styles. In the spring, after students discover their style of choice, they create 12 more pieces of artwork centered around a specific concentration-focus.  In May, all students will submit their artwork to their teacher, who will then forward them to AP graders to score on a scale of 1 to 6.  Students can access their scores for all AP Exams on their College Board accounts in July.

According to Coach Mark, the class is meant to help students learn new skills and apply them to art pieces.  He grants his students freedom to create their artwork in respect to who they are; students are encouraged to choose how they want to create their illustrations, as long as they adhere to the prompts assigned.  While students work, Coach Mark gives feedback and guides students to accurately transfer ideas from their mind to their canvases.

Students in AP 2D Studio Art agree that this class is truly a step forward in students’ discovery of themselves.  As senior Kenman Cai says, “AP Art 2D pushes your limits and inspires both creativity and imagination.”  Senior Ashley Moh adds, “after a bunch of academic classes, AP Art is time for me to challenge myself in a different way that also relaxes me.”

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