Halloween Brings School Spirit to Galileo


by Lauren Wong

As a senior, I’ve noticed that Halloween continues to be a trending holiday that attracts many students and teachers at Galileo High School.

This year was by far the most people who have participated in the festivities. What caught my eye were the many costume themes teachers were wearing. The teachers in math department dressed up as “The Odds, ” where every teacher wore an odd number and dressed in an “Odd” and strange attire. The administration dressed up as the characters from Star Wars. Dr. Riemer was Darth Vader, Mr. Emmi was Han Solo, Ms. Warnke was Princess Leia and Mr. Harper was Lando Calrissian. I felt the most adorable costume was worn by Ms. Warnke’s dog, who was wearing a Tusken Raider on Bantha. By far, teachers have gone all out on their costumes.

For the students, I thought many of the Halloween costumes were quite creative. This year, many students had proverbial phrase themed costumes. There was a student who dressed up as the proverbial phrase, “When life gives you lemons.” This student then gave out lemons to convey his message. The costume I found most intriguing among the students at Galileo was the student dressed up as Donald Trump. I not only liked the Donald Trump wig and suit he was wearing, but also the way he spoke and acted like Trump. He even threw out fake cash into the crowd. With the election coming up, this is sure to promote Trump’s candidacy.

Every Halloween, teachers and staff get into the Halloween spirit by creating a flashmob of current trending dances of the year in the courtyard during lunch. This year, the Whip and the nae nae were popular dances among the teenage crowd. Every year, some teachers partake in the dance to get high school teenagers involved in school activities. With teachers having similar interests and taste as teenagers, students become thrilled and eventually take part in the dance. This will get more children involved in school spirit activities and develop more appreciation and spirit for our school.

When it’s Halloween, it’s great to participate and wear costumes at school. For one thing, students feel much more happier when they get to dress up like someone they are not. It’s fun to put on make up and look silly on a day where no one will judge or criticize you.

Halloween has by far brought so much enthusiasm and joy to the students and teachers and Galileo. With more and more people getting involved, Halloween at Galileo makes a better school dynamic.

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