How Helpful is The College Information That We Are Receiving?

by Ahmed Elmahy


In the midst of all these college application deadlines and different requirements that each school has, I am still scrambling to find out what colleges want from me. This sea of confusion has lead me to ask: how helpful is the college information that I am receiving? Galileo makes these feeble attempts to educate and update students upon college information and tips, yet they focus most of their efforts on useless general information that is already common knowledge, and they are very unorganized in their communication with students. So, overall most of the information being provided to us is “not very helpful” and feels like a waste of time and resources.

Students I have asked feel that Galileo, for the most part, isn’t offering enough information that is of any major significance regarding college. Senior, Steven Zhu pointed out, “Almost everything we get is what we can get from the internet.” I completely agree with this; as most of the time, all that the college field trips do is hand out pieces of papers regarding the school that is already being mailed to us. Instead of this useless general information, I would rather receive useful tips like telling us about how impacted majors might affect our chances of getting in to different schools. The colleges already do this on a small scale, but I would like to see them doing it on a larger scale since this would be more beneficial.

The scheduling of college announcements and information is also a dilemma as the school has yet to recognize that their announcements on the phone are almost never heard, due to either them being near when the bell rings, so everyone is too busy packing up to pay attention or the announcement is barely audible. To build upon that, many of the college sessions that the school holds aren’t well known. Mostly students hear about them accidently from the 10 or 20 who are informed out of almost 450 seniors. This tells me that the school needs to find a more effective way to get keep students updated upon important college tips (like unique financial aid or scholarship opportunities), and not the general stuff everyone figures out. Students could do a better job listening for college announcements to know when the workshops are, but at the same time the school has to make a greater effort to spread the word about the college workshops.

So how can the school improve? An anonymous senior had an idea where she thinks that college information “should be part of senior’s curriculum and that would be really helpful”. I agree that can be one solution, but what really needs to happen is the school needs to improve its communication with the students. The most important thing that the school provides information-wise to students is the college sessions for students can meet representatives and ask them questions. So, the school should take steps to improve and update it’s PA announcements and advertise these sessions in a much more accessible and clearer way. This will not happen overnight, but it is a process that should be started as soon as possible if the school truly cares about the quality of information their students are receiving.

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