Student Government’s Trip to CADA

Leaders from Area B
by Ashley Moh

e5393c12-65f5-4515-a11c-acd414285f52Galileo’s student government was once again invited to the annual CADA Leadership Conference on Monday, November 23rd. Galileo has been the only school invited to represent San Francisco for the past 3 years. The event took place at James Logan High School in Union City and it’s purpose was to help student leaders improve communication skills and school spirit.

CADA stands for California Association of Directors of Activities and was specifically made to gather leaders from all over the state (10 counties). During the conference, officers were able to interact with other schools’ officers who hold the same positions in order to discuss and come up with solutions to common problems in student government.

Some of these ideas included black light dances with a separate section for lazer tags. Spirit days included a “Stay Afloat Day,” a day after coming back from spring break where students would dress in swimming gear like towels, floaties, and goggles to joke about of surviving most of the school year and having just a few more weeks to go after spring break.

The Galileo students who went to CADA really enjoyed the experience. “It was fun, I had a good time and I got a lot of new ideas for dances, activities and spirit days from people from other schools,” said ASB Recording Secretary Courtney Pon.

All the Galileo student leaders learned to focus not just on the people who are actively participating in events and activities, but also the one’s who feel excluded, so that they can make school a fun and safe place for everyone. “I really liked CADA because we got to be in a place full of people who had the same goals. We all want to make our school fun for not only us, but the rest of our classmates and staff as well,” said Sophomore Historian Inzaley Moh.

ASB Advisor Mr. Wing proudly stated that, “the officers who went to CADA represented the entire school. They are the leaders and role models for the rest of the students and they not only got advice from other fellow officers, but also lifelong lessons they can carry throughout their life.”


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