“Google Classroom” Changing Galileo Classrooms

by Major W.


Google Classroom, a new innovative educational software, is being deployed around the school districts in the United States to allow teachers to collect, assign, and grade assignments paperless including SFUSD schools.

This app helps teachers stay organized and improve communication within the classroom. This app is intertwined with other Google Apps (i.e. Google Doc, Google Slides, etc.) for students to distribute their work by online submission or email. Teachers are able to make comments and corrections to student’s work individually. Teachers are also  able to help students one on one.

At Galileo, teachers such as history teacher, Mr. Seligson and media arts teacher, Mr. Machtay are already using this app for their students however, they have different opinions. “I love it! It’s an excellent tool,” said Mr. Seligson. “I’ve been using it lesser than 1 month. I’ve been really trying to get my students to use it,”said Mr. Mactay.

This app also allows teachers and students to work on assignments through a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. It is compatible with IOS, Android, and Blackberry OS. On mobile, students are required to download additional Google Apps(Google Doc, Google Slide, etc) to meet the needs of editing a document, but not on a computer.

Galileo students also have different opinions about it. Senior Hui Situ said, “I think it’s very convenient. Teachers can save a lot of paper.” Senior Karen Medina said, “It’s kinda confusing to use cuz Google Classroom requires a certain email.”

By using this app, teachers are able to grade and return assignments with just a few clicks. In addition, teachers are able to check for the quality or the quantity of their student’s work to meet their standards.

Since this app has only been released for little more than a year, Google still has plans to update it, making it convenient for both teachers and students.

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