Lion’s Whisper: If you were Santa Claus, which teacher would you put on the Naughty or Nice list and why?

by Jessie Jiang

Christmas is almost here and Santa Claus is coming to town! He’s making a list and checking it twice and he needs Galileo’s help to find out which teachers are naughty or nice!


IMG_0469“I would put Coach Papa and Ms. Chow on the Nice list because they give a lot of work and I get to learn a lot from them.”

-Senior, Owen W





IMG_0495“Mr. Chinn would be on my Nice list because he lent me his umbrella when it was pouring the other day. However, Mr. Page would be on my Naughty list because during the Thanksgiving break, he ‘gave’ us work and handouts.”

-Copy Editor, Johnny H




IMG_0488“I would put Ms. Su on the Nice list because she has a great attitude when she teaches and she’s funny.”

Sophomore, Caroline C





IMG_0500“I would put Coach Mark on the Naughty list because he doesn’t believe in Santa Claus and Mr. Ring on the Nice list because he’s a very good teacher and he’s really good at teaching Calculus. He’s the best teacher ever because he worked really hard with me.”

Photo Director, Raymond C




IMG_0477“If I was Santa Claus I would probably put Ms. Nelson on the Nice list because she spends a lot of her free time allowing kids to retake tests when she doesn’t have to do that at all.”

-Senior, Johnson H




IMG_0492“I would put Ms. Liang on the Nice side because she is willing to spend her time [helping] students and gives [students] food.”

Sophomore, Glen Y

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