Get to Know the Band “The Substitutes”

by Sonia Nguyen

The Substitutes was founded about 12 years ago by music teacher, Mr. Taylor. The meaning behind the name The Substitutes is an inside joke between the teachers. The members in The Substitutes changes from year to year so it’s not a set group. Ever since then, they played in every Winter Assembly with various different teachers. The Galileo Press wanted to know more about The Substitutes, so we asked, “What are your past experiences with music?”

IMG_0781Mr. Taylor (Bass)

“I sang in a choir when I was 5-6 years old in my church. I started to play the drums when I was 9 years old and I studied privately with the drums for about 4 years and then I started to switch to play the bass and guitar when I was a teenager. I played in a lot of different jazz band, rock bands and all kind of bands till I was 25 years old. When I was in my early 30’s I decided to go get my music degree and I got my bachelors in music in SF State and graduated in 1993.”


IMG_0816Ms. Green (Tambourine)

“I started taking singing lessons at 13 and I sung in musicals, and operas, I am also a cantor at church. I started singing with The Substitutes about 8 years ago.”




IMG_0786Ms. Laux (Bass)

“I started playing the piano when I was a kid. I performed singing, dancing and acting a hundred of times on different of stages.”

This is the 4th year Ms. Laux has been with The Substitutes.



IMG_0784Mr. Jackson (Drummer)

“I was in a Scott band called The Condiments in the 90’s where he played in a lot of nightclubs in Los Angeles.”

Mr. Jackson has played with The Substitutes ever since they began.



IMG_0777Ms. Chew (Guitar)

“I played the piano as I was growing up. I took piano lessons when I was just a little kid. I started playing the guitar when I was a freshman in highschool so I can play at my church and youth group and since then I still play the guitar.”

This is Ms. Chew’s 2nd year with The Substitutes.

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