Academy and Pathway Fair

by Jessie Jiang


The drone.

Galileo, the only school that offers three academies and three pathways, recently held their annual Academy/Pathway fair in the Van Ness Gym on January 29, to recruit and encourage more students to join. The fair was filled with huge posters that showcased the different types of pathways offered at Galileo, along with purple and orange balloons and a drone to attract students to attend.

Newly appointed pathway and academy coordinator, Mr. Andy Huang, showcased his first fair after previous coordinator, Mr. Marc Bayangos, departed from Galileo. “The pathways and academies needed to get the word out that Galileo has these programs because students hear but don’t know the information and don’t know how to apply to these programs. The fair gives students that are interested in the programs an opportunity to explore the different academies and pathways by having currents students in the pathways and academies to give information to freshmen and sophomores, making it more approachable rather than asking teachers,” said Andy.

Galileo’s Academy and Pathway Recruitment Fair allowed prospective students and new staff to acknowledge what Galileo is known for. “I worked with the [academy and pathway] teachers behind the scenes. The fair is a great celebration to the teachers in those programs, that captures unique programs Galileo [has] to offer. [The fair] encourages younger students to make course selections for the next year. I am pleased and proud of the [three] pathways and [three] academies [offered] at Galileo,” said Galileo Principal, Dr. Michael Reimer.

In addition to welcoming freshmen and sophomores to the academies and pathways, Galileo’s drone was launched during the event. “The fair was very stimulating and the drone made the atmosphere very exciting. I’m inspired to get a drone to use during my classroom so I can use it during testing and have the drone drop pellets if I see someone doing something else [in class],” said History Teacher, Coach Papa.

apesOf the many academies and pathways offered at Galileo, Environmental Science (APES) is an AP pathway that has been at Galileo for over 10 years. “The goal of APES is to learn about the environment and solutions to some of the problems that are going on. APES gives students a global perspective of the Earth and find ways how to solve them. Students do a lot of field studies, such as going to the Presidio and Hyde Street Pier,” said Ms. Denise Chow. “APES is [a] really fun [pathway] because we go on field trips, camping, and watch movies that involve the environment,” added ASB President, Teddy Wong.

healthacaAside from pathways, academies are also offered at Galileo. Health Academy (GHA) is a two-year commitment academy that starts off during the third year and designed to teach students science/health issues and explore health related careers. During the first year of GHA, students get to gain hands-on experiences by visiting California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) weekly and be enrolled in a 3-unit Medical Terminology course through City College of San Francisco (CCSF). In the second year of GHA, students learn about human physiology, anatomy and emergency medicine in which students would become CPR certified. Senior, Tina Xie said, “[The academy] opened my eyes to many healthcare fields that are available.” Mr. Richard McDowell also added, “I encourage all incoming juniors to look at all of the academies/pathways; if the Health Academy isn’t something for them, they should invest in the rest of the other 5 programs.”

biotechSimilar to the study of health, the Biotech Pathway allows any incoming junior to join for a two year program or a senior to join as an elective class. “Biotech is using machinery of biology for human use. Students learn about genetically modified foods and creating medicines. Students get to do labs during block days and interact with different industries,” said Mr. Aron Mizrahi. ASB Social Vice President, Ashley Moh also added, “Biotech is really fun and interesting. I really like the atmosphere in Biotech because Mr. Mizrahi is so enthusiastic which makes me enthusiastic in class.”


compacaAnother academy is the Computer Science Academy, which combines skills such as art, math, and writing. “Computer Science is all about creative problem solving that involves technology. The Computer Science Academy gets students interested in how to use technology to create things that interest them since everything is deeply impacted by technology,” said Mr. Danny Tan. Senior, Daniel Han added, “It’s a fun experience to be in Computer Science. I chose Computer Science to learn more about computers and how programs work. The Computer Science Academy helps me in college because it allows me to see a career in programming.”

mediaartsAside from computer programming, the Media Arts Pathway is another pathway that involves technology. Media Arts teacher, Mr. Henry Machtay said, “Media Arts has been happening since 2004 and it was originally the Academy of Information and Technology until the split in 2008, when it was split into two pathways: Media Arts and Computer Science. During the first year of Media Arts, students combine web design and become introduced to video class. In the second year of Media Arts, students are put into an advanced video class, G-House TV, and a big video project.”


aohtIn addition to science and technology, the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism (AOHT) is another two year academy offered to students. “AOHT is a pathway that will help you in career. This pathway is where students learn how to become an entrepreneur of a restaurant, hotel, or any kind of business. In AOHT, students learn the skills to get started [in becoming an entrepreneur] and prepare you for college,” said Daniel Ortega, Senior.

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