“A Night in Wonderland” Winter Concert

by Johnny Ha


Jest Jammin’ Live Band performance.

To celebrate Galileo’s 95th year anniversary, Galileo’s ASB (Associated Student Body) held “A Night in Wonderland” Winter Concert in the auditorium on January 30th. The concert featured various performers, including: Galileo alumni, staff, YouTube acoustic Sheryl Ann Padre, and Westlake School for the Performing Arts (WSPA). A crowd of 300 Galileo alumni, staff, families, student leaders, performers, and friends came together to help commemorate the special occasion.



Principal Dr. Reimer dancing with the students.

According to Galileo principal Dr. Michael Reimer, “A Night in Wonderland” Winter Concert was both a fundraising event for the ASB as well as a celebration of the vibrant school culture and history at Galileo. It also allowed Galileo alumni, students, staff, and performers to come together and celebrate the meaningful event to honor Galileo’s 95 years.A number of different people came together to make the Winter Concert a successful event. Dr. Reimer opened the school gate and doors at 2:00 P.M. and stayed until 11:00 P.M. The Galileo Alumni Association donated $511 to pay for publishing programs, tickets, and part of singer Sheryl Ann Padre’s performance fee. The PTSA also donated $500 for food, drinks, and decorations. JROTC provided BBQ food before the concert and the Media Arts Pathway put together a video movie, highlighting the year of 2015 at Galileo.


ASB and the audience doing the “Electric Slide.”


Students enjoying the concert.

Fundings will also help pay for the debt of the 71st Annual Homecoming Song & Yell Contest as well and the 2015 Homecoming Dance at the Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf. The fundings will also help the senior C/O 2016 pay for the $15,000 rental of Bill Graham Civic Auditorium for their graduation ceremony. “Many people and various groups bought tickets online as a way of donating to Galileo. The performers also donated their performance fees as a gift to give back to Galileo, ” said Mr. Wing.

Some of the highlights of the concert were WSPA’s dance pieces, “Tamaroa, which showcased the strength and musicality of male Tahitian dance & “Exhale, an exploration of modern contemporary dance through angular movement, Sheryl Ann Padre’s performance of her acoustics and original songs, The Substitutes performance, “Sunshine, and Jest Jammin’s live band performance, with many people in the audience getting up to dance. To end the night, the ASB gave an award presentation to honor the performers’ and community members’ contribution to Galileo’s 95th anniversary celebration.


Jest Jammin’ receives “Galileo 95 years” celebration shirts.

A Night in Wonderland” Winter Concert received great feedback; many of the audience were impressed by the performances and had a wonderful time. “It was a great and festive experience that captured the spirit of our school,” said Senior Activities Chairperson Kenman Cai. Satisfied with the greatly and successfully held Winter Concert, Mr. Wing said, “There was a fun and appreciative crowd because we got to see old students and many of them were graduates of Galileo during the 70s.”



Photos courtesy of Yuyang Z.

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