Journalism Class: Much More than Writing

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Journalism, the class that students in Galileo think is all about writing, writing, and writing. What’s the purpose of taking Journalism when some students can double up on academic classes or have a free period? Journalism is a class that means so much more than writing. Students in Journalism record events that happen around the school, they are the historians of Galileo.

Journalism at Galileo isn’t just a type of elective, but it’s actually a pretty relaxing class. Most students think that all the journalists do in class is write about things that concern the school, however there are other things aside from writing. Besides journalists, there are other important roles such as comics, photographers, and editors. “I’m [the go to guy] that journalists need when they need pictures because pictures are worth a thousand words. Journalism is a good class because it prepares us for the real world like getting things done and communicating [with peers],” said Raymond Cheung, Photo Editor.

Rather than doubling up on classes that might stress many students out or having an empty period (which probably doesn’t look too good on a high school transcript), Journalism students think this class is a great choice because it allows colleges to see students excel in other things other than academic classes. “Journalism is a great class to have; it’s a college preparatory class and I gained valuable skills from it. As the role of Copy Editor, Journalism has helped me excel in my writing, leadership, and communication skills because I often contribute my perspectives with the advisors to make news interesting,” said Johnny Ha, Copy Editor.

Not only does Journalism write The Pendulum, the Journalism class has launched their website,, on September 2015, in order to get news to the alumni, school, current and prospective students.

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