Galileo Wrestling Wins Back-to-Back City Titles

by Ahmed Elmahy
Galileo’s wrestling team has been on a roll ever since last year. Finishing this season 8-1, Gal came second to Lowell (9-0) but demonstrated great effort and dedication. However, when it was time for the All-City Championships, Galileo dominated the other team’s overall by scoring 179 points. To put this into perspective, Galileo beat the other teams by a wide margin with the second place team, Lowell, scoring 146.5 points, or 32.5 points less than Gal.wrestling

Last year was successful for Galileo, but this year made last year look insignificant. Compared to last years 3 All-City Champions, 6 champions were crowned this year. The current champions are Brandon Tu (sophomore; 113 pound weight class), Kyle Paisansiri (junior; 120 pound weight class), Alessandro Szabo (senior; 145 pound weight class), Max Hirschfeld (senior; 182 pound weight class), Angel Hernandez (senior; 220 pound weight class), and Kenneth Kwan (senior; 285 pound weight class). Alessandro is a returning City-Champ from last year, while Max is a returning City-Champ from sophomore year. Alessandro is also notable for being named an outstanding wrestler for the middleweight class, while Angel was named an outstanding wrestler for the heavyweight class. This increase in the number of champions at Galileo is a reflection of the hard work and dedication that each wrestler on the team invests to improve themselves both mentally and physically.

Wrestling is not an easy sport, as almost 1 in 3 new members end up dropping out halfway through the season. The rigorous training mixed with weight loss is a harsh experience to deal with, but as reflected both this season and last season, the results are worth it. These champions have worked hard to conquer the All-City Championships for each of their weight-classes, but now they must face a greater challenge, the State Championships.

The State Championships are a two day tournament held in Bakersfield where all the champions from each sector of California meet. This year it will be from March 4-5. Each sector sends champions from each weight class, but depending on the size of the sector, a different number of wrestlers are sent to represent them. In total, there will be a 40 man bracket for each weight class, and over the course of the 2 days at the tournament, a state champion will be crowned for each weight class. Last year Galileo fell short in surviving the championship rounds, but maybe this year it can be different.

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