The Daily Struggle

by Ahmed Elmahy

Every morning the computer lab resembles a busy beehive. Some people go to the computer lab in the morning to play games, but a lot more go there in order to print out their homework. Almost everyone has been put in the position where they need to print something in the morning, whether it is because they don’t have a printer at home or they just finished the assignment in the morning. In either case, most people who print at school come to the quick and universal conclusion that printing at school is far from dependable, and they usually have to go late to class in order to find a way to get their assignment printed. This printing issue is due to many reasons, and the school isn’t completely to blame as students are also responsible for this dilemma; however, the school can take steps to help students come to class on time and help everyone get their things printed. printer

Students play a huge role in the printing delima. Some students find it amusing to print out unnecessary things such as notes or long assignments that are 10+ pages right when everyone else is trying to print, which causes the printer to malfunction. These long papers that they print out are usually either unnecessary or it is something that could have been shrunk down by a lot. Another issue arises when students, thinking that they didn’t print something, start printing many copies of the same assignment and therefore waste both paper and the time of everyone else.

Now, let me explain the how the issue is partly the schools fault. First, there is the obvious issue of having two good, but overworked printers. Two printers that are connected to what seems like over 70 computers isn’t going to get the job done, especially in the morning when there are 50 students trying to get their stuff printed out. It has become a regular occurrence for the printer to have so many things to print that it freezes and has to be restarted, therefore wasting time and forcing everyone to reprint. Paper jams are also an issue for when they occur, only one printer is working and the entire computer lab is depending on that one printer, which sadly isn’t efficient nor any more reliable than the other jammed printer.

Stemming from the first issue, the second issue is that the school fails to maintain the printer’s well. Usually when a printer malfunctions or runs out of paper, we don’t find the right people to help us troubleshoot the problem; instead we are forced to try and print on the other printer with the knowledge that everyone will be using it, or to find a teacher that will allow us to print in their classroom.

This printing issue has one simple, and hopefully, efficient solution. That solution is to place more printers in the computer lab so there would be at least four printers in total for students to print from. These two extra printers should decrease the workload of the two original printers by half and result in everyone printing out what they need quicker. Not only that, but in the case of a printer malfunctioning, there would be three instead of one printer to cover the additional printing load. This solution would also help improve attendance records for many students go late to class because they were unable to get their homework printed out, and it would benefit everyone overall. All the school has to do is obtain two printers, which I don’t think is quite difficult, and it would be rewarding for everyone.

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