World Party Showcases the Diversity of Galileo

by Johnny Ha and Jessie Jiang


Silent Drill Team.

Showcasing Galileo’s talent & diversity, the World Party was held on February 18th in the auditorium. Taking over two months to organize the event, the success of the World Party is directly attributed to coordinater Mr. Bai Zhen, Galileo’s PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) and ELAC (English Learners Advisory Committee), with support from Peer Resources.


Drum Corps.

The world party featured a number of different performances from different groups at Galileo such as the JROTC, including the Girls’ Drill Team, Drum Corps, and Silent Drill Team. After JROTC’s performance were student performances from different parts of the world which featured a spectacular collaboration between the Breakdancing Club (B-Boys) and Korean Club (K-Pop) along with various vocals and instruments from all over the world.

“[The students] prepared for two months for the showcase. I liked all the performances because it demonstrated everyone’s diversity [around Galileo]. More people came this year than last year, in addition to some teachers attending, which made me appreciate [the showcase] even more. Performing was really fun, new and interesting for me because I realize that everyone has a talent and they worked really hard,” said Bai.

Aside from participating in the performances, many of the performers celebrated with the audience. “I took part in the [breakdancers] and K-pop performance [as well as] an audience of the world class party.” “The difference between this world party and the previous one is that there are more talented people, [diversity], and different [culture performances],” said senior breakdancer, Michael Li. Senior performer, Jefflyn Liu added, “I felt exhilarated I got to perform, but I tried so hard not to laugh after I almost said ‘horse’ in the first verse instead of start.”IMG_9542

The World Party was a fun and memorable night, leaving the audience impressed by the diversity of the performances and the spirit the school had. Students were in the crowd strongly supporting their friends and clubs in the audience. Senior Eric Ta said, “It was pretty fun seeing all the performances, and it [kind of] sucks that I won’t be here for the next one. I liked the breakdancing club and Korean club performance since it was a really nice mix of western and eastern cultures.”


ASB selling spirit items.


Aside from diversity, Galileo’s 2nd World Party had many collaborations between different parts of the world. Impressed by the success and variety of performances of the event, Principal Dr. Michael Reimer said, “The event was well done; the acts were polished and professional. The student performers were really talented and the acts early on were very strong, especially the Korean Club & B-Boy dance collaboration. I hope we’ll have larger events over time to see more diversity, include more student groups as participants, and invite more family members.”





Photos courtesy of Yuyang Z.

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