The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of our School

by Lauren Wong

The place we call our second home, “The Home of the Mighty Lion,” has deteriorated into an embarrassment. As a senior, I have never seen our school in such a horrendous state. There are walls and ceilings with flaking paint and concrete floor cracks wide enough to cause tripping hazards. Students deface property and discard their rubbish around the school premises. Every parent and teacher I’ve spoken to have commented on the neglect of our school. In fact, some of Galileo’s alumni proclaim that our once beloved home is humiliating. Galileo may be suffering in funds, but this catastrophic issue must be addressed! We cannot invariably rely on donor funds and how the PTSA allocate the funding to fix “our” school. More so, the issue are the students, the very people at the school that show such disrespect and allow deterioration in their environment.

IMG_1378Students need to take more control of their actions and understand that our school needs to be the center of attention. Nobody at Galileo seems to be concerned or even care about our school’s conditions. Students treat the school as their own personal trash can and custodians as maids. This school is an assault on our eyes, and we have no intention of fixing it.

If the district cannot assist us with our school problems, we must learn to take action. We have to find a solution. The following are some suggestions: (1) We focus on creating more art programs to beautify our school. The artwork will cover cracks and be proudly displayed on our halls, and prevent students from defacing property. (2) We use the artwork the students create to sell and to do fundraising. (3) Students will have a say on how to use the funds to fix the problems in our school.

The irony is, during Song and Yell, students claim that they have passion, pride and spirit for our school, but why are they not are putting all of their positive energy and time into fixing and addressing the problems in the school? Why are we not take the timeout of our busy schedules and fix the place where we learn and make new friends?

Imagine ten years from now and we continue to abuse and not fix any of the issues we have at Galileo. At this rate of destruction and neglect, the school will eventually look like a sewer with piles of litter, debris and scraps, and brewing maggots and cockroaches. I know this may be an exaggeration, we cannot let this happen.IMG_1369

Just like our mascot, the lion, we need to force ourselves to awaken the lion within us, and to develop the strength and spirit, to bring about change. If we were to improve our school, students must take pride in our school. It takes everyone of us to come together, with the mindset to change. Most importantly, we need to have open conversations with our educators, parents and peers to commit to finding a solution for the better of our school. However, we need to be persistent in our beliefs to better our school and follow through with what we set out to do. I am trying to raise awareness about how students need to take pride and action at school, and to be selfless. We must raise our voices. We must let donors know what we need and tell them that the walls that hold and educate young minds are essential. We need to learn and share our ideas so we can create a better school environment for generations to follow.

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