Galileo’s Unofficial Junior Prom (Boat Dance)

by Ashley Moh

In the 1980’s, Galileo’s junior officers decided to distinguish their Junior Prom from their Senior Prom, which was originally held at the same hotel, by turning it into the boat dance. Since then, the boat dance has been the junior’s main focus in order to fundraise for their upcoming senior events. This year, Galileo students and their guests traveled through the heavy rain towards the Pier 41 Ferry Terminal on Saturday, March 12th from 7 P.M. to 11 P.M.

boat dance chaperonesThe weather played a big factor in the overall mood of the dance. Because of the rain, the boat ride was rocky and a few students complained of motion sickness. “My head was aching throughout the whole dance. I didn’t even know I had motion sickness until 2 hours in,” complained sophomore Victor Palmer. It was also very dark and dingy due to the lack of lights and stuffiness. “It was so dark on the dance floor. This girl pulled my hair for support when the boat was rocking,” said sophomore Historian Inzaley Moh.

Despite the downsides, many people enjoyed the dance. The theme was semi-formal and most people were seen wearing clean khakis or solid black jeans with vans or short black dresses with sandal heels. “I wore my Sperry’s to the dance because I wanted to be comfortable,” said junior Matthew Ng.boat dance 2

Junior officers were pleasantly surprised at how well the dance turned out. “It was dark because there were no lights. The DJ was pretty bad, but I had fun with my friends anyway,” said junior officer Michael Feng. Fellow officer Diva Lei added, “It didn’t suck! Not the best dance I had but it was still pretty good.boat dance 1

The junior officers were also satisfied with the amount the boat dance raised for the class of 2017. They will store the money they raised in a bank account that will later be used to pay for their senior prom and graduation. Junior Historian David Zhu said, “It was pretty nice. We raised around $5,000 profit and sold 350 tickets.”

A number of teachers volunteered their time to help chaperone the dance. The chaperones had mixed reviews about the boat dance. Biology teacher Mr. Chinn didn’t particularly enjoy the dance. He said, “‘It was a 3 hour trip to nowhere.” However, junior class sponsor Mr. Lynch felt the complete opposite, saying, “It was rockin’.”


Photoscourtesy of David Z.


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