Chunjin Ruan, Galileo’s Class of 2016 Elite

by Andy Cen and Jessie Jiang


Known as the smartest girl in the class of 2016 by most of the seniors, Senior, Chunjin Ruan, is a finalist of the Questbridge Scholarship in part because of her strong academic records, diverse extracurricular activities and  exemplary leadership skills. As a one of the finalists in the Questbridge Scholarship, she could win a fully funded scholarship into the university she plans to attend.

Following her interests, Chunjin has excelled in all her classes. She has taken a total of 14 AP/Honors courses, 7 of each.  “I’ve worked hard in all my classes for all four years and am currently receiving A’s in all classes. I tend to take classes I like and don’t force myself into taking classes that my friends take,” says Chunjin.

According to Chunjin, her friends help her excel in class as well as her teachers. She said, “You should always think independently first, but do not hesitate to ask classmates for help because you can help each other. Make sure to ask questions when you don’t understand something. I’ve acquired plenty of leadership skills and work hard from my fellow classmates. I also made a lot more friends throughout the years I’ve attended [Galileo].”

Other than her education, Chunjin loves hiking, and also participates in various extracurricular activities. She is the president of the American Red Cross YCE club and the SummerFund club, where she helps students find summer programs by sharing experiences with them. “I balance both my school work and extracirriculars by using a planner to list out what I need to do and prioritize the task,” said Chunjin.

Excelling in many of her classes, her teachers speak highly of her both academically and socially. AP Statistic Teacher, Mr. Douglas Page said, “Chunjin is pretty persistent and is a good student to start off with. She works well with other students and always works hard on her assignments. Aside from school work, she takes jokes really well, especially in my class since I tease her a lot.”

In addition to teachers respectively, her friends also admire her. “I highly respect Chunjin both as a student and as a person; she is intelligent, hardworking, compassionate, supportive, and incredibly modest. She is a true model, and I’m glad to call her my friend,” said senior Allen Tong.

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