Another Successful AVID Palooza

by Major Wen


For the last 9 years, Galileo AVID students have come together to celebrate their handwork and dedication to the program with the annual AVID Palooza. The purpose of the Palooza is for AVID seniors to host a day that incorporates teamwork, collaboration, and leadership. This year, Mr. Seligson’s AVID Senior class continued this tradition on March 23rd at the football field where over 125 AVID students attended.

This year’s AVID Palooza was themed “Spring Break.” AVID student came to the football field during lunch and were treated to Vietnamese sandwiches and other snacks. After lunch they participated in activities designed by the seniors. The seniors made this year’s Palooza exceptionally memorable by renting a rock climbing wall for the students to try. Students earned tickets at each booth to win prized at the end or spend it on the rock climbing wall. “I really like the rock climbing wall, I thought incentivizing it with the 5 tickets in order to climb was a great idea because it made students to participate in other things,” said AVID counselor Ms. Marshman.

AVID seniors spent months planning the Palooza. The process was difficult and a new experience for many of them, however they worked together to complete their duties. “The most challenging part was fundraising and coming up with ideas. We didn’t get enough money. There is a deadline for everything. We helped each other out,” said senior AVID student Sol Rostran.

IMG_5303Mr. Seligson was proud of the Seniors working together to host the event. “I liked my particular senior class effort in collaborating and orchestrating on a project that was initiated by them; that was great to see,” said Mr. Seligson, confidently. Fellow AVID teacher, Mr. Lee, also complemented the senior class. “I liked seeing all the different AVID classes interacting with each other. I liked seeing the seniors really step up and take ownership of the event,” said Mr. Lee.

The idea of the AVID Palooza first came about because the AVID team wanted to distinguish their program at Galileo. “We thought it would be a great idea if the seniors had something to culminate their senior year and show their support of other AVID students and come together to organize something as being almost adults. It was something that was good responsibilities to them,” said Ms. Marshmen. Mr. Seligson added, “The other classes don’t often interact. [During AVID Palooza] we get to see other AVID classes and teachers interact.”

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a four-year high school program that prepares students for college style study skills and life lessons.


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