Athlete Feature: Rachel Su Ang

by Jerick Anonuevo


The only junior softball captain on the Galileo varsity team this year, Rachel Su Ang has proven to be worthy with her great show of skill and leadership on the field. Starting at left field since her freshmen year, last year, Rachel helped lead the lions to the semi-finals with an 11-5 record last year. This year she hopes the team will make it to the championship game.

The coaches & players believe that Rachel is well suited to be a captain. Head coach, Mr. Lance Cossey says, “Rachel shows great leadership. Another reason why I chose her is because I wanted a junior varsity captain and it was her.”

Rachel started playing softball at Marina Middle School, where she fell in love playing the game, especially when it came to competing against old friends. Her transition to high school softball though was tough at first. “Middle school softball is less difficult than playing at the high school level. High schools pitch the ball really fast and who wants to get hit by that,” says Rachel.

One of the things that has helped Rachel achieve success in softball is her physical stature. At 5’7”  she has the advantage on defense to catch balls without jumping so high. Offensively she said, “I was told that taller people have an easier time hitting the ball farther, and for me that’s been true.”

However Rachel knows that she still has a lot of work to do. She wants to continue to get faster, both in running the bases and in her reactions on the field.

As far as individual goals, last year Rachel made all-city second team in the AAA, but hopes, before she graduates, to make all-city first team.

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