12th Annual Talent Show Brings a Serious Moment to Galileo

by Johnny Ha


Breakdancers (B-Boys).

For the first time in its 12 year history, the annual Galileo Talent Show hosted by Peer Resources on March 25th featured poetry. The poets, who spoke about community issues delivered a serious moment in an otherwise light-hearted show, where most of the performances showcased and celebrated the spirit and talent of Galileo students.

The “Spoken Word” poetry performance, by seniors Mellany Quiroz and Irvin Juarez addressed issues people don’t really want to talk about, including: police brutality, sexual harassment, and gentrification. According to Mellany and Irvin, they were angry with the various problems in the system, so they took their anger and made it into an piece of art instead of just being rebellious in class.


Mellany Quiroz & Irvin Juarez – “The Spoken Word.”

“We wanted to express our anger in a way that we can tell a bunch of people at once. I suggest people to definitely go for poetry in the Talent Show, especially if they want to address. “The Spoken Word” definitely helped me get more involved into poetry,” said Mellany.

Peer Resources teacher, Miss Jackie Alarcon once again coordinated the Talent Show. She has been the Talent Show coordinator from the beginning. Although it’s an lot of work, Jackie believes the students in the audience appreciate the show. She says,  “I’m glad I provide the talent show. It’s the respect and attention that the audience gives to the performers that makes me proud because I see that we have a respectful audience at Galileo.”


Sandro Szabo playing the violin.

Jackie credits a lot of this year’s show running so smoothly to Senior Jane Trieu, who is a student of Jackie’s Peer Resources class and was in charge of the production crew for this year’s Talent Show. She has been in the Talent Show since freshmen year and for the last 2 years, she has been on the production crew who puts on the Talent Show. Jackie raves about her hard work and dedication, saying, “She’s risen and she still performs; she’s my rock star.” Jane has enjoyed being a part of the Talent Show Production crew. “I feel like I’ve grown, everything has stepped up since I was a freshman.“.

Student performers of the Talent Show enjoyed participating in the show and felt the audience participation was a big factor. “This was my first year participating in the Talent Show and it was fun and exciting to participate in the Talent Show. It was awesome to hear the atmosphere from the crowd, showing how much fun they had watching us,” said senior breakdancer, Richard Kwong. Senior performer, Christine Fang added, “It was a great experience for me because it was a different type of vocal performance than what I’m usually accustomed to.”


Taoli Zhen & Brian Lin – Piano/Singing.

This year’s Talent Show received great feedback with its success and variety of talented performances by Galileo students. Junior Angela Li said, “Talent Shows allow students to reveal their hidden talent and I think it’s a great event that brings students together and to cheer on our fellow classmates.”

Overall, the audience, performers and production team were satisfied at the final outcome. “Surprisingly, the show went off very well even though I couldn’t have as many practices as I wanted to, which shows me that all the hard work we did paid off,” said Jackie.



Cherry & Mariah – Singing.

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