Pendulum’s Top Three: Student Talents Assembly

by Jessie Jiang and Andy Cen

Galileo students gathered on March 25th to witness the talents of their fellow classmates. While every performance was enjoyed by the audience, the Galileo Press decided that these were the top three acts of the entire show.

  • Mikaela Dodge & Samantha Fong


A performance that seemed to bring the audience together was singer, junior Mikaela Dodge and pianist, junior Samantha Fong, who gracefully covered “Tattooed Heart” by Ariana Grande.  The performance heightened the atmosphere due to Mikaela’s amazing voice. The duo seemed to slow the song down which gave the audience a chance to hear the song in a different light.

  • Korean Club


The Korean Club demonstrated an energetic and powerful dance performances, as return performers. . Their performance astonished us immediately due to their fierce choreography and in-sync moves. We really appreciated how many people they were able to get on stage and look unified.

  • Kris Zou & Crew


Kris Zou and his group of dancers captivated us with their intense dance moves. Appreciated by many, they concluded the show by demonstrating an extravagant performance of K-pop with well choreographed routines.



HM) Breakdancing Club


Galileo’s Breakdancing Club demonstrated a phenomenal and coordinated performance. Consisting mostly of seniors, the group’s commanding performance demonstrated how dedicated  and hardworking they prepared for their last performance.



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