K-Con 2016 Brings a Variation in Performances

by Johnny Ha


Deciding to expand the event to include more of  a variety of performances beyond just singing, the Chinese Karaoke Contest (K-Con) held on April 15th by the Chinese Culture Club decided to feature the Galileo Breakdance Club (B-Boys) in addition to a dance performance by the Galileo Korean Club. The club decided to include the B-Boys’ breakdance performance in this year’s contest to bring an entertaining agenda for audience.

In addition to just bringing entertainment to the audience, the purpose of K-Con is to let students have a stage to show off their singing talents especially Chinese songs related to the Chinese culture. K-Con was open to all San Francisco high school students to participate, and this year there were a total of 12 participants, including the two Galileo club officers, seniors Lina Fang and Brian (Zhile) Lin, who got into the final round. “I really wanted to sing because I love singing,” said Lina.

Additional highlights other than the dance performances included; Silent Wave’s welcoming band performance, & an acapella performance by Galileo counselor Bai Zhen. Sophomore Coco Ng said, “Bai’s performance was great and unexpected. My first reaction to his performance was ‘Damn’.”

The judges that the Chinese Culture Club were another highlight of the night. The judges of this year’s contest were: Wendi Li & Alex Yuan, who are part of the singing group, Silent Wave, Zane Jiang, who was the 2013星島麥王爭霸 winner and 2015星島麥王爭霸 instructor, and James Wong, who is the 灣區中文電台 host.


Chinese Culture Club Officers 2016 with sponsor, Mr. Gary Tong.

The winners of this year’s contest were all from different high schools. Taoli Zhen (Horace) from Galileo came in 1st place with his songs, “Unforgettable Love” and “Ladder to Heaven”; Yvonne Du from Wallenberg came in 2nd place with her songs “Finally Waited For You” and “Heaven”; Xuewen Wu (Fiona) from Galileo came in 3rd place with her songs “Blue and White Porcelain” and “Come Interest”. Lastly, Queena Luo from Galileo won the most popular contest award with her songs “I Miss” and “Lover.”

The winners were satisfied with the results of the contests and enjoyed performing for the audience. “I was excited about winning the contest. I think winning this is a great beginning; it makes me feel confident about my voice. I am glad that I won because I have put in lots of efforts. I’ve started to practice singing pop music seriously when I was 16,” said Horace.

This year’s K-Con was very successful with an audience entry of about 250 people which was more than the club officers expected. “We had more audience this year compared to last year because the contestants were all from different high schools,” said senior President of the club, Joycelyn Feng. Senior Business Vice President of the club, Annie Zhou added “It was pretty successful; the singers’ and guests’ performances were great.”

AP Chinese teacher, Ms. Lee, who attended the contest said, “It was interesting and fascinating; I was really impressed with the students’ talents and I enjoyed the guest performers. K-Con is one of the student activities at Galileo and teachers are really involved in supervising and supporting the students. Not only did the students demonstrated what they can do best, like singing, but they also demonstrated their leadership skills because they coordinated the entire event, decorated the whole auditorium, and fundraised for the event.”


Photo courtesy of Joycelyn F.

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