3rd Times the Charm! Lioness Win Flag Football Championship

By Courtney Pon


After three years of heartbreak, the Galileo lioness flag football team has finally won a championship. The Lioness’ defeated Balboa in the championship on Saturday, April 16th with a score of 13-6 at Galileo. Thanks to the great coaching of Coach Harper, Coach Black, and Coach Rahul, the lioness almost went undefeated this season, losing only to Lincoln and Burton.

Everyone on the team was happy with the win, especially the coaches who’ve waited four years for that moment. According to Coach Harper, “The feeling [of winning] was almost indescribable. It’s kind of like when, because I like to cook often, when trying to get a recipe to be right and you have all the right ingredients, you have all the right measurements, you put it in and you mix everything and you cook it and it doesn’t come out right. You did everything right and it just didn’t come out right. Sometimes there’s things you didn’t account for, like the oven may be too hot or whatever else may be. You have to remake it and you make it and you may mess up another time or almost get it right but it’s not quite right. This was the right time. We perfected our recipe, everything was accounted for and it came out to be one of the best cakes I’ve ever had.”

The lioness started the game off strong by keeping Balboa from scoring despite multiple close attempts. However, near the middle of the first half, one of Balboa’s wide receiver was able to catch a pass near the end zone and score. Spirits were down as the Lioness trailed by six points at half. However, the second half begun strong as the lioness wanted to set a tone for the rest of the game. The first touchdown was run in by junior fullback Linore Rong to tie the game. In the middle of the second half, sophomore running back Carrie Li ran for a fifty-yard touchdown to give the Lions the lead. With the extra point, the lioness held a lead they wouldn’t give up. The team’s defense did a fantastic job at preventing the Buccaneers from scoring again. In the last three minutes, Linore Rong caught an interception that essentially ended the game. After the interception, offence took a knee to run down the last two minutes of the clock.

Players and coaches pointed to the 2nd half as the difference in the game. “One thing that I was proud of more than anything was the whole second half. The second half, we were a completely different team,” said Coach Harper. Quarterback Joei Yu added, “We worked hard and gave it all we got in the second half and came out as winners.”

Assistant, Coach Black pointed out that the win was a team effort. “The three seniors who’ve been with us since day one [deserve recognition] but we won the championship because our team was good. There wasn’t one specific player but our team was outstanding, all fourteen of us.”

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