Why I Stay Away From Social Media

by Lauren Wong


Everywhere I look, I see students glued to their phones and a lot of the time they are using social media. Honestly, I feel social media is a good tool to use to communicate with friends, express one’s thoughts and feelings to people and even read recent news. However, I believe that social media ruins the way we communicate with each other and how we form relations with the people around us.

The reason why I do not like social is because social media tends to make people become anti-social. They rather look on their phones and talk to their friends on the web, rather than have a face to face conversations with them. The Internet is like a disease, when you use and look at a website or use social media, you become addicted. You are constantly wondering what your friends are saying about you or what the latest news update is. You may even be on social media because you are too lazy to do anything else. It is just that easy to turn on your computer and go to your Twitter page.

Not only that, but people tend to put inappropriate and hurtful pictures and information of people online. This could indefinitely create conflict and hurt people’s feelings. Many students are not fully aware of the implications of their online activities. My concern is that I do not want to see people lower their self esteem due to comments people make on Twitter or anywhere else on social media. Someone online can make a judgement about the type of person someone is, and this one single social media post could offend and ruin what people think about him. And this one bad post will make this person feel even worse about himself when he knows that people know and that they are judging or even bullying him. Online posts can be very harmful to a person’s mental state and self-esteem.

Not just writing, but people are careless of the pictures they post online because a “picture is worth a thousand words.” People can negatively interpret a picture in a way that you may not see as inappropriate. Once someone finds something inappropriate about your picture, they will tell all their friend, and their friends will tell all their friends about the image. This image can ruin your repatriation and cause many controversial debates and conversations among people. The worst part of things being posted online is that these posts will never go away. It will always be engrained in people’s mind. This is why people need to be aware and mindful about the things you put online.

Another reason why I do not social media is because it forces you to care about what other people think. There’s something about social media that makes us care how many friends, followers, likes and retweets we have. You would post something online and people would reply something that may make you quite happy or even angry and sad. It is because of these comments that make you change who you are as a person. You rather listen to what a person thinks about you than to just act as your normal self.

We waste so much of our time and effort on social media rather then going outside, playing sports or even talking with friends. We immerse ourselves so much in technology that we can no longer have a meaningful conversation with the people around us. Maybe if we use social media less, it will allow kids to better express themselves, which will create less drama in this school.

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