The 9 Worst Breakups of All Time

by Ashley Moh


Hoping to raise enough money for a scholarship for a lucky senior planning to continue studying visual and performing arts, Galileo’s Drama Class spent their second semester preparing for their very first major performance event, “The 9 Worst Breakups Of All Time” by Ian McWethy, on April 22nd, 2016. It was in Galileo’s Auditorium and had two show times, 4 P.M. and 7 P.M., with tickets for students at $3 and adults for $5.

This was the first drama performance in many years due to budget cuts and other reasons. It is also because of the observation that many performances after school never work out because attendance was always too low, so without any profit, people thought it would be better to just have performances during school for certain classes or small invitational assemblies.

Despite these challenges, the drama class was successful in overcoming those obstacles. They had around 100 attendees total and raised about $450 for their scholarship.

Drama_1The Drama Class’ decision to perform this play, which was a montage of short comedic scenes about break ups, was through a class effort, . The class chose it after different groups were assigned to read different plays. Then after each group had read every play, there would be a group discussion to decide which play would be the most entertaining, successful, and effective to bring the show together for the community.

While practicing their dialogues during class time, the class also had to work on costumes and props. Many of the students had to buy their own or brought in articles of clothing to mix and match and help out the people who needed an outfit for their character. Each of the students got their roles based off of auditions and attendance in class.

The performers were happy and pleased with the way it all turned out. Lauren Fernandez, the  assistant director who also participates in performances outside of Galileo, commented, “Honestly, I did not expect so many people to show up. 80 people went to the first show and the play went better than expected. Even though it was stressful preparing since it was the Beginning Drama class’s first production and we were bound to have many challenges, it all paid off and was worth it in the end.” Fellow actor Yasmine Eldredge, who will soon be transferring to SOTA’s Musical Theatre program, laughed and added, “It was chaotic. I seriously did not expect so many people to come and I’m glad we all pulled through.”

Malinda Min, another student in the Drama class said “I wasn’t sure if we could pull it off in the beginning because the only time we really got to rehearse was during our 4th period class. The show was better than any other rehearsal we had.”

Drama teacher, Ms. Myrna Maroun, was very pleased by the way her class’ performed. She said, “I was so proud of my students because I saw strong evidence of collaboration, hard work, ensemble, spirit, and a concerted effort to do the best performance they could do.”

Many of the audience members, who were filled with students, staff, teachers, and family of the cast, all enjoyed watching the performance. History teacher, Mr. Welch, joked, “It was very entertaining! I was very impressed and loved watching Ivan, Malinda, Sarah, and Mary Kate. It was fun to see them have their hearts broken.”

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