A Night with the Stars

by Jessie Jiang


Class of 2016 & ASB 2015-2016 Officers.

As the school year winds down, the class of 2016 held their prom on April 23rd, 2016 at the Intercontinental Hotel using the theme, A Night with the Stars. Prom was considered a success for the class of 2016 as they sold over 300 tickets with many of the guests leaving with lasting memories of their final Galileo dance.

2016 Class Sponsor, Mr. Joseph Taylor was pleased by the overall success of prom. He said, “The event went smoothly and everyone had a great time. Prom was held in a great venue and the class of 2016 managed to sell enough tickets to pay off graduation, stoles, plaques, awards, and senior breakfast. Everyone dressed really classy and looked really sharp that evening.”

Many students had similar things to say regarding what a great time they had at prom. Senior Richard Kwong said, “My experience at prom was enjoyable because I got to take pictures with all of my friends when they are looking their best. Although the DJ didn’t quite meet up to my expectations, I was glad that I was able to spend time with good company. The best part of the evening was when the song “Get Low” by Flo Rida came on and the crowd was singing and dancing to the lyrics.”

Aside from students enjoying the elegant evening, the staff also had a great time. “I loved it, I had a fantastic time at prom. It was fun for me to see the seniors and some juniors come together at a special year end event. In my mind, it’s the combination of four years of hard work and studies, which is a special celebration for a school community to celebrate. [This event is] to pay recognition to the seniors that have worked hard and also acknowledge the staff that helped us develop the seniors into young men and women. It made me so proud to see everyone because they looked fantastic since they were dressed up. The evening unfolded so beautifully with a positive and fun vibe,” said Principal Dr. Reimer.

Although prom was an unforgettable event for most people, there were parts about prom that weren’t as comfortable. Senior Nick Trieu said, “During prom I was able to hang out with my friends, but I constantly stressed about the tuxedo because I had to find the right suit to match my date.” Another topic that some people complained about was the lack of a dinner during prom, which was only replaced by a dessert bar. Senior Michael Liang said, “I was upset that we had to eat before or after prom ended. I didn’t even try the dessert bar.”

Despite these unfavorable conditions, everyone was excited to see the Prom King & Queen crowned. The class of 2016 named ASB President Teddy Wong, Prom King, and senior Serena Chen, Prom Queen. Serena was thrilled to be named queen. She said, “I thought it would be fun to run for Prom Queen, since it was once in a lifetime. It was fun to dance with Teddy because he’s my best friend,” said Prom Queen Serena Chen.

Aside from crowning their Prom King and Prom Queen, this year’s prom also crowned their Prom Princess, Prom Prince, and Royal Couple. Prom Prince Raymond Cheung said, “It felt great to win something out of the four years I’ve been at [Galileo]. I know that these contest are based off of popularity, but I can guarantee that I’m not popular! I will definitely remember this moment [when I] look back [to it] in ten years.” Royal Couple winner Angel Wu said, “It was exciting because we both wanted to run together as a couple and we wanted to win it together. Prom was fun because of my friends, a lot of people said that the DJ wasn’t good, but I don’t think the music matters because it’s about who’s with you dancing at prom.”

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