Williams Sonoma Helps Reshape Galileo

by Major Wen


Teachers’ cooking demonstration.

Throughout the 2015-16 school year, Williams Sonoma, a San Francisco based furnishing company, has been making Galileo a better school by helping to reshape the experience for Galileo students and faculty. Some of the success has included: renovating the teacher’s lounge, organizing mock interviews for students, arranging for guest speakers to talk about food photography to the photography class, hosting a Galileo faculty breakfast, helping judge the annual Song and Yell contest, and hosting a cooking demonstration for some of the teachers.

The reason why Williams Sonoma decided to assist Galileo was to provide an opportunity for the Williams Sonoma staff to give back to the community while building relations with the Galileo community. Williams Sonoma Community and Public Relations manager, Bryce Kumagai said, “Not only does the program benefit the school, but it provides opportunities for our associates to give back to our community, which is very much a part of our company culture.”

Many of the Galileo faculty members are glad that Williams Sonoma decided to work with the school. “We’ve been very lucky [that Williams Sonoma has chosen Galileo],” said Principal Dr. Reimer.

One of the events created for the Galileo community was the faculty breakfast at the beginning of the school year where Williams Sonoma invited Galileo faculty to have breakfast at their headquarters, a block away from the school. Many of the Galileo staff was impressed not only by the food, but also the atmosphere. “Their office is beautiful, facing the bay and the Alcatraz Island,” said Ms. Grinnell.


Mock Interviews.

Williams Sonoma has also been hosting cooking demonstrations for the Galileo staff, where the staff learned about cooking multi-course meals at one of Williams Sonoma’s test kitchen. Many Galileo staff members who attended this cooking demonstration were impressed. Photography teacher Mr. Schnitzer said, “the demonstration was informative, well-presented, and rather tasty.”

Another event organized by Williams Sonoma was the mock interviews to help Galileo students prepare for future professional interviews. On March 11th , Williams Sonoma employees volunteered to conduct interviews of Galileo students, where students had to pretend that they were applying to an internship at the Williams Sonoma’s social media department. Students who attended this learning experience were given feedback after their interview concluded. “I think the feedback I got from it will help me in future job interviews. It [the atmosphere] was very welcoming and friendly,” said Junior Nicolas Cooper.

Even with all that Williams Sonoma has done for Galileo; they still have additional plans for the coming years. Ms. Grinnell said, excitedly, “They also have plans to do something like the roof lounge.”


Mock Interviews.

Both the Galileo administration and the people at Williams Sonoma look forward to building this relationship further. Dr. Reimer said, “To have more partnership.” Mr. Kumagi added, “As we look towards the next school year, we are excited by the opportunity to grow our partnership even further, with our neighbors next door.”

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