Invitational LGBTQ Pride Assembly

LGTBTQ_2by Andy Cen

In order to spread greater awareness of around Galileo, French teacher, Mr. Kenneth Mendribil and  the GSA hosted an invitational LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) Pride Assembly on April 14th in the auditorium. The assembly took three months of preparation time and, according to Mr. Mendribil,  was successful due to the commitment of both the LGBTQ club and the GSA club.

The LGBTQ Pride Assembly showcased many different performances including Derrick/Mocha, who was invited to perform by Mr. Mendribil, the Galileo Student Alliance (GSA), and the Substitutes. After her performance, Mocha gave an inspirational speech about how she grew up with difficulties and how everyone troubled her, which led him to find her identity. After Mocha’s performance, “The Substitutes”, which consists of staff members: Ms. Laux, Ms. Green, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Novato, Mr. Barrios, Mr. Herringer, Mr. Emmi, Mr. Nicholson, and Mr. Jackson performed a song called “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie.

In addition to those performances, senior Brittany Balcom gave a speech about David Bowie, who recently passed away, and what he meant to her. “It was a very personal speech about how he has really helped her and so many countless other people,” said Mr. Mendribil.


At the end of the assembly, Mr. Mendribil invited everyone onto the stage to show their support. Mr. Mendribil said, “If you believe in our entire message here, please come on stage at the end and have some fun. Just have fun. Show your support.”

The LGBTQ pride assembly displayed the hard work and collaboration between the GSA and the LGBTQ club. Although this is the second assembly they’ve put on, it involved this many people and such varied performances. “Galileo had never before had an assembly like that before. This year, we learned a lot and we definitely varied the entertainment and the message and had more people involved. It’s unfortunate that galileo never had an assembly like this before, but now that we’ve started a tradition, we hope that it continues and it becomes an annual event for the entire community. Anyone who wants to be involved, come see me because we want it bigger and better, more clubs involved, and we want everyone a part of it,” said Mr. Mendribil.

Dr. Reimer, who was impressed by the assembly and the support that the audience showed, added, “I thought that it was very organized and put together. I felt like it was particularly  powerful that we were sending the message at Galileo’s about all of us. That we are a kind of community that welcomes students of all backgrounds, cultures, languages, and different dispositions. I thought [the audience] were respectful, polite, understanding, and when i watched them, they were respecting, reaffirming, and acknowledging the fact that we’re all different. I was very proud and thankful of the staff and students who put it together.”

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