Girls Who Code

By Sonia Nguyen


To get more people to understand how coding works and how it can help to find a job, senior Julianne Li started a Girls Who Code club after attending a girls who code summer program and asked Ms. Su to be the supervisor of the club. The reason why the club was opened was because everything in the future will be revolved around coding, which will make it easier to be able to find a job. “I started the club this year because there is a large gender gap in the technology industry and many girls doubt themselves in their capabilities and saying “I can’t code, it’s a guy thing.” Creating the club creates a supportive environment for girls to learn and explore their interest in computing and sharing their creative ideas with each other,” said Julianne.

The Girls Who Code Club went on their very first field trip on April 17th after an employee from Salesforce reached out to all the Girls Who Code clubs in the Bay Area. At Salesforce, the girls toured three of their buildings downtown. After they were done touring they were provided with snacks and Salesforce had a bunch of people from their company to form a circle like a meeting and let the girls ask them questions.

Girls Who Code meet on Wednesdays after school in Ms. Su’s class from 2:30 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. where they are taught how to code by two programmers from the community, Michelle and Chris. Their last trip of the year will take place during the summer as their Graduation Ceremony. The Girls Who Code club will be looking forward to new girls who wants to join for the upcoming new school year, 2016-2017.

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