Journalism Class Gone Next Year?

By Alison Yip, 2016 Editor in Chief

As of 3PM on Monday, May 16, [journalism advisor] Mr. Lee was notified that his journalism class will be discontinued for the next school year. Citing a low enrollment in journalism as well as a need for Mr. Lee to teach English classes next year, the administration feels that the journalism class, being an elective, is the most expendable.

Low enrollment in journalism has been a problem every year. This is not something new, not at all. For every year that I have been at the this school, I’ve seen people who get enrolled into this class and cannot transfer out. Last year the  school tried very hard to maintain the Journalism class. So, why start now to not care about this class? Or why bring up numbers now when it did not matter before?

GP_JOURNALISMDespite the low enrollment in journalism class this school year, Mr. Lee’s student staff did more than print a paper, they helped launch a school news website, “”. The website along with the published traditional newspaper, “The Pendulum” are two of many things that will be terminated if the class is cancelled. The modernization of the newspaper gave greater access to Galileo news and it gave news in a timely fashion to all who wanted to see what was happening at their school, including those in the community and alumni. We stuck to the school’s name, a school of technology by trying to adapt to a more accessible and frequent medium. The hard work the Journalism class of 2016 should not be dismissed and shut down because they have worked tirelessly to push out content this year.
Along with the two products, the experiences a journalism student receives from taking the course will be missed. Though it’s never easy work, students who make it through the entire year in Mr. Lee’s journalism class are more often than not, thankful for such a learning experience. While not everyone enjoys the class at first, they grow to love it. Why? It’s simple, we build our own little family within the class.

2016 Journalism Dinner

2016 Journalism Staff enjoying a dinner at the end of the year.

School is more than the basic math, science, english, and history. Journalism is a well rewarding elective as it boosts many different skills. The first few weeks of Journalism is learning how to communicate, how to get answers, how to write like a journalists and most importantly, how to work like a team. These are all valuable skills that lead to better skills whether you’re at a job interview or you’re trying to be more social.

Journalism is a different outlet for everyone; this class allows for one to utilize their talent in a different way. Artists can create comics and art, both traditional and digital, with freedom. Photographers master their craft by photographing events and people. Editorial writers can use their voice to express themselves with facts. Reporters learn and master a new craft of reporting local events and get people connected to this school.

Journalism gave me an opportunity to learn more about this school, my alma mater, before I leave. Without journalism, Galileo would not mean as much to me as it does now. I’ve built this connection with the school through journalism, and I can also say that my classmates have also built this connection to the school. This is priceless! Are the administrators really going to come in between this? There’s much more to journalism than an outsider would see and until one has seen how we work and what this class is truly about, you cannot create a narrative about us, you cannot judge us by our numbers. As long as there is interest in this class, this class [tradition] should be kept open. [I hope] this class [will be revived to maintain] student activity and connectivity within the Galileo community.

Needless to say, other people who are affected by non-journalism at Galileo include; current students and faculty, family, friends, and our alumni.

UPDATE (May 23, 2016)…
As of Monday, May 23, 2016, the journalism class was re-instated to the school’s master schedule. Mr. Lee will continue to advise the class for the next school year. 

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